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Hear from our current and previous graduates undertaking placements...

Amy Harrison, 

Strategy & Commissioning

Learning to apply my skills in a professional environment has encouraged me to pursue a higher standard of work, not just for  my employer but for myself also.

Jonathan Davey,

Service Redesign

I’ve been empowered to challenge service areas and the current way of working to focus on what can be improved. The staff within the council are always helpful and friendly, from the day I started I always felt reassured
that help was there if I needed it.

Frances Fry,


After graduating I was really eager to get into media. My role in communications has allowed me to adapt my skills as a journalist to fit those of a communications officer. Everyday is an opportunity to learn. 

Video Testimonials

Why did you apply to the graduate position? 

What is the most valuable experience you've had since working in Local Government?

What are the benefits of working in Local Government? 

How would you describe the team you work in? 

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