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Utilise your degree straight from University.

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Gain that important experience for your career progression.

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Gain skills in different departments in five different councils.

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Learn from experienced and enthusiastic employees.

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Great benefits including agile working and pension schemes.


of firms said that work experience is one of the most important 

factors of graduate


Source: Confederation of British Industry, 2009

Benefits for all

As a new graduate, we know your skills will be up-to-date, making you incredibly valuable to the industry. You will become a member of the team but you will also be encouraged to pursue opportunities to help you explore your future career. 

We recognise the effort that you put into your degree and we want you to feel proud of that. We will work alongside you to tailor your experience to help you get what you want out of your time with us. 

Two years of relevant work experience from reputable organisations such as 
Somerset’s Councils will set you above the other graduates from your class in preparation for your future endeavours. 




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Telephone: Caroline Allum on 01935 462191

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