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Why Somerset?

Across the world, Somerset is notorious for its cider, farming and rural living. We’re proud to be associated with these things, and we want to share them with you but there’s far more to our county than that. 

Culture, Community and Countryside

Somerset is bustling with life and plays host to world-renowned events, including Glastonbury Festival and the Bath and West Show, as well as welcoming swarms of people for prestigious sports events including cricket games and football matches. 

Somerset boasts incredible settings, providing plenty of routes to walk and sights to see, and sits in the centre of several major cities including Exeter, Bath and Bristol, providing plenty of opportunities to enjoy our area by night as well as day. 

Being in the heart of Somerset will allow you to build a multitude of connections that could help you thrive within your career in local government.

Not only are we a hub of engineering, fashion and farming, but thanks to facilities such as the Yeovil Innovation Centre, our business landscape is evolving to include new creative industries, including graphic design, marketing and media, to name only a few. 

We invite you to join us here in Somerset and become a part of the life and community that we all thrive in. 

West Somerset was ranked in the top 10% most beautiful places in the UK

Source: Natural England, 2013

Somerset is home to:

Camping Site


National Park

Fog and Nature


Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Pipetting Samples and Test Tube


Sites of Special Scientific Interest 

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