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Discover the range of departments you can explore and learn, from Democratic Services to Environmental Health

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Set your own path

We'll ask you what you want to get out of your time with us. Tell us which areas interest you and we will try to tailor your time here to give you the best experience possible. This will include working on projects which will support your ongoing development.

You will rotate between the councils every four months. In each council you will join a new team, learning new skills whilst understanding how to apply what you have learnt at university to the workplace. 

This will give you a well-rounded 20 months within Somerset local authorities and kick-start your career with solid, practical experience for your future roles.


We will work with you to try and give you the most beneficial experience, whilst giving you the opportunity to own your own projects.

During your application, you can identify which areas you are most enthusiastic about and we will try to accommodate your interests.



Community development:
Support voluntary, charitable and community groups. Promote equality and diversity in Somerset.

Revenues & benefits:
Provide advice and guidance to individuals about how the council can help them. 


Elections & voting:
Help prepare for elections.

Environmental Health:
Help value and cherish our environment for future generations.

Tourism & leisure:
Help promote all of what Somerset has to offer.

Communicate messages across the County with social media, press releases and graphics.

Strategy & Commissioining: 

Help set the future direction of travel for the council.


Help set the agenda for commercialisation, revenue and encouraging new ways of working.


Business services:
Provide support with business advice and help Somerset’s businesses grow.

Commercial land & property:
Learn about the commercial opportunities which contribute to council funding.

Licensing & permits:
Provide support for traders with permits and licences.

Waste management & recycling:
Help deliver high-quality public services.


Inform and advise about housing options in Somerset.

Help the rangers out in the local countryside.

Be part of the planning process by supporting and making decisions about applications.


The Economy team leads on Somerset County Council's work to promote prosperity in Somerset.  



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Telephone: Caroline Allum on 01935 462191

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